Book A strategy Call
Book a Strategy Call with us so we can discover the best solution for you. Choose 30 minutes if you're familiar with the private sector and know what you want to set up. Choose 90 minutes if you're new to this space and need more guidance or you have a complex set-up. You will receive our comprehensive NFP manual upon booking which you will need to read ahead of our call.
Choose Your Service
Once we identify the best structure for you through our strategy call, it's time to choose the relevant service, make payment and fill in the questionnaire. We then provide you with all the assets that you will require to set up your NFP and we'll help you get it up and running in a matter of weeks.
Get Ongoing Support
Once your accounts are set up, we will have another call to assist you with operating in the private sector. We then provide you with ongoing support and education for the life of your NFP.
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Step 2
Step 3


$ 6150
Set up of your NFP/PMA
PPSR registration of your name, children and assets. Securing your birth certificate/your name as your own asset, your children’s birth certificates and your assets.
Access to sovereignty training videos to get you prepared for bank appointments and setting up accounts.
1 educational sovereignty PDF.
1 X 1:1 90 minute Sovereignty education call support session and Q&A time.
Ongoing NFP/PMA email support

PMA + financial sovereignty group program

Package 2 - Path To Freedom - Financial Sovereignty Course
all that package 1 includes, plus:
fortnightly group sovereignty sessions, Q&A time, over 3 months.
accountability of the trainers and group to create your aligned NFP/PMA.
We create the blueprint of your NFP/PMA and start to build the projects relating to your mission statement
We figure your marketing strategy and how to fund your NFP/PMA.
online community to share ideas and receive support.

Holistic Sovereignty

all that package 1 includes, plus
One participant space at our LORE OF FREEDOM retreat in the beautiful Northern Rivers Australia.
5 months of 1:1 sovereign education, coaching and mentoring for all areas of sovereignty. Financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, internally and externally.
This program includes supportive therapies to empower and understand subconscious limitations, fear blocks that keep us stuck, stagnant, disempowered and integrate these suppressed parts of us that allow your pure purpose, your NFP mission to birth and evolve into the world.
Access to monthly online group sovereignty webinar.
1:1 support to bring your NFP/PMA into the world
Personalised structures for your situations and current business models.

What We Offer

Setting Up Truly Private Not For Profits

Many say they are setting up PRIVATE NFP’s when in fact they are still keeping their clients in the public sector open to tax, auditing and without legislative protection. We always set you up with a truly PRIVATE NFP.

Provding Our Clients With Real World Solutions

We teach you about the public and private sectors and how to interface in both worlds. We also provide ethical solutions and contacts for your banking and commerce needs. This means your NFP can function in the real world.

Providing Clients With Lifetime Support

We save you money with a one time fee for lifetime NPF Support. This means that once you sign up ith us, we support you for the life of your NFP and throughout any changes in legislation or the external environment.

Providing Ongoing Education & Support

We’ve simplified years of research and data into a simple book called our Foundation Manual to save you time and stress. We provide essential education before, during and well after your NFP, foundation or association is set up!

We Are Experts In Legislation & Regulation

We’re obsessed with legislation so we keep up to date with any legislation changes in order to best support and protect our clients. We are experts in this field so you can rest assured you're in good hands.

Customer Focused & Values Based

We always put the experience of our customers first. We ensure that we are aligned with our values every single step of the way. Everything we do is geared to support you making a positive impact in your community and in our world.

What Our Clients have to say