Set up your Not-For-Profit

This service is for those who:
  • Have had a Sovereignty Strategy Call with us.
  • Know about the private sector and understand the benefits of a NFP structure.
  • Understand that a NFP structure is the best option for their unique circumstance.
  • Are ready to receive assistance in setting up a Not-For-Profit.



Please note that we will determine your suitability for this service based on the outcomes of our Sovereignty Strategy Call. If you haven’t already had a strategy call with us, please book one here first.

Additional information

Not for Profit for Individual & Business

NFP for individual no PPSR, NFP for individual with 1 PPSR, NFP for individual with 2 PPSR, NFP For business NO PPSR, NFP for business with 1 PPSR, NFP for business with 2 PPSR


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