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Some Past Projects

Project Forrest

We are currently reestablishing 20 acres of native Australian bushlands and growing 10 acres of organic fruit trees and vegetable gardens for local community and at the healing retreat center.

Your contribution goes directly to purchasing seedlings, healthy soil rehabilitation and sustainable earth regeneration practices.


Project Dreamtime

Resonate Foundation hosts one cultural retreat per year. During this time we invite different indigenous mobs from around Australia to attend, to meet other mobs, yarn, share their original stories and walk the indigenous song lines together.

Your contribution goes directly to supporting mobs to attend, their transportation, food and supportive care.

Resonate Foundation has previously invested in projects that Resonate similar mission statements to support humanity and or environmental flourishing.

Supporting the Yawanawa Tribe (The people of the wild bore) in the Amazon of Brazil. The Yawanawa’s support the earth, humanity, the Amazon jungle and native plant medicines.

We have supported the Yawanawa’s with:

  • Project 1 – Clean water project. We invested to help create a water tower to capture clean water for the village.

  • Project 2 – Yawanawa sewerage system. Invested created toilets and sewerage system for tribe and guests.

  • Project 3 – Supported one of the head tribeswomen “Wazy” to fund her study of native healing therapies for 1 year.

You can support the Yawanawa Life Plan through the Awavena website. By purchasing their jewellery 100% of the proceeds go to the Yawanawa Life Plan.


Water pumps Nepal

Invested in creating water pumps for clean drinking water for remote communities in Nepal. We were lucky enough support the three villages with supply of fresh water and education on life saving hygiene practices.

South Africa Education:

Supported a school that feeds every child three vegan meals daily. We helped supply educational supplies and funding to support education of local children.

Tribeswomen Micro Banking Africa:

We educated and funded a tribe of women in Zimbabwe who were victims of sexual mutilation.

We taught them a system of basic banking where they could support each other with micro loans to create business, provide education to their children and relieve the tribe of poverty.

Mother Teresa’s Orphanage Varanasi India:

Mother Teresa created orphanages to provide love and care to millions of neglected, deformed and tortured orphans in India. The nuns care for, nurture and love the babies and children that others couldn’t even look at.

Some of the children found new caring parents and homes. Many did not and remained in the love and care of the nuns. We invested to support the growth of an orphanage, to improve the quality of life and care for the children.

African Tribeswomen Table Banking

We invested to create a banking system for the tribeswomen. Our funds created a banking model and subsequent education about the system for the tribes women so that they could afford education, healthcare and essentials to get them and their children out of poverty.


Invested in the creation of this eco retreat build solely on Cryptocurrency for creatives to res,t reset, live to nurture the soul and create new world ideas for the new earth.

Care flight

An Australian charity flying urgent medical treatment to kids in rural areas by helicopter. This service provides paramedics to those who would die without treatment. We have invested in Care Flight since 2009 and continue this investment in the future as it allows this vital charity to keep saving lives.


Namibian Village

We have been investing to support the education of their children, sustainable farming practices for the village, livestock, hygiene education and clean water pumps for a village in Namibia. This access has had an increase in quality of life and the lifespan of it’s community. We have been supporting them since 2011 and continue to into the future.

Sustainable Salons Australia

An incentive that supports the education and recycling of salon waste within Australia.

Examples of their epic work include:

  • Recycling hair and using it to make wigs for kids going through chemotherapy

  • Making short hair into massive nets and using them in oil spills in the ocean. The hair hair acts like a sponge so the oil is captured and can be reused

  • Donating funds to OzHarvest to feed those less fortunate and homeless people globally

  • Recycling chemical waste into water for roads, foil back into foil and plastic into packaging

  • Restoring appliances to prevent them going into landfill and the ocean and

  • Restoring plant waste into compost

We have supported SSA since 2011 and will continue to in the future.



Who Gives A Crap

50% of their profits go to building toilets, sanitation care, education and training in developing countries. WGAC don’t cut down trees to make their toilet paper they use 100% recycled paper to help the Earth so we have to support them!

We have been using their products since 2018 and will continue to in the future.