Do you want a real life changing transformation?

Do you feel disconnected, stuck in your mind, blocked by limitations or feel unfulfilled by life?

Are you sick of feeling average and want to experience more joy, happiness and bliss?

Do you return home from holidays not feeling bloated, uninspired by your work and feeling the you need another holiday to detox or recharge?

Do you want to connect with life on a deeper level, activate and reinvigorate your mind, body and gifts mind?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this might be the retreat for you.


September 2020


Followed by Our 8-Week Guided Online Integration Program

Where And When:

Mexico, September 2020


Mini and Private Retreats


Where And When:


Australia May, June, July 2020




We travel to the highest frequency locations where the Earth herself is most healing and in tune with our desires.

Allowing you to transform what’s not serving you and hear the messages clearer.


The medicine men and women share Ancient Shamanic wisdom passed down from their ancestors. Gifting us with effective tools to help us in all internal and external situations.


Activ8 Retreat will have give you access to permanently increase your energetic vibration through our reinvigorating journeys, sacred sites for activations, elemental ceremonies, eating the highest vibrational organic detoxing foods, sound baths, somatic body work and much more.


Our team is a global collaboration coming together to share wisdom with every participant so we all resonate greater essential frequencies across our planet.


  • -Native American shamanic and Indigenous teachings to learn the ways of the custodians of the land.

  • -Immersive experiences developing deeper love and respect for working with the land and its energies.

  • -Optional plant medicine ceremonies. We share different plant medicines and each guest will have the option to partake in their own unique journey. All plant medicines are optional and are explained in depth well before all ceremonies begin. We teach you how to body scan to check what is best for you personally.

  • -Visiting ancient Cenotes, what the Mayan’s called the portals to the Gods, also know as crystalline limestone water caves where we have our transformational lilo-ing breath session and we bathe in these portals connecting us to the Earth’s core and increasing our natural healing abilities.

  • -Visiting Mayan pyramids and ruins. We will be practicing bodywork and learning the Mayan wisdom at these sacred sites.

  • -Ocean and water practices.

  • -Evening starlight activations and fire ceremonies.

  • -Full moon ceremony.

  • -Sound vibration journeys.

  • -Breath work, meditations and bodywork at our retreat and on location at sacred sites.

  • -Organic high vibrational food and a 3 part nutrition series and 5D food preparation classes to help you incorporate wellness into your everyday life.

  • -Daily exercise in nature including walks, swims, treks or runs. Designed for all fitness levels. Everything is optional.


  • We will be cleansing effortlessly and on all the physical, emotional, energetic, ancestral levels.

  • Natural detoxification of your vessel on a cellular level activates your natural abilities and gifts.

  • The highest vibrational certified organic foods to support your activation and transformation.

  • Opportunity to create new neurological pathways with supportive plant medicines for improved mental health, increased levels of happiness, clearer pathways for accessing your inherent wisdom, deeper connections, different perspectives and possibilities for you.

  • Experience mind soothing, heart opening, channel strengthening, elemental activations.

  • Earth connection to activate healing on every level and layer.

  • A beautiful, calm and connected space with dedicated time energy and love to fill your cup right up.

  • Tools that help you support your own well being & nurture your heart. Fully supported by an 8-week post retreat integration program.

  • Detoxing high vibrational food preparation classes continue healthy living.


  • Weekly group zoom calls.

  • Weekly Q&A sessions.

  • A personalised 8 week program to best support your soul’s ongoing growth.

  • 2 individual 1:1 sessions post retreat.

  • Retreat Facebook group to keep connected before and after Retreat with all guests of the retreat.

  • Shamanic education.

  • Weekly activations.

  • Weekly codes to integrate and work with.

  • Weekly individual tasks to enjoy.

  • Recipes to continue to raise your frequency.

If this retreat sounds right for you, apply now as spaces are strictly limited. We look forward to activating & upgrading together!