“I’ve been working with Blythe since early 2021 and can say she has changed my world unlike anything else. The level of professionalism and knowledge this woman has is the very reason I feel so liberated in myself, my Not For Profit, my business and my interactions with the public system. Blythe’s grounded approach has assisted my ideas to become my legacy. Through her simple tangible systems and strategies she has saved myself and my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. I could not recommend her enough. She is a true gift to humanity”.

Abbey Rose

“I think the best thing about working with Blythe is the support that she continues to give after you’ve set up the foundation because, even when you’ve set up your foundation, there’s still a lot of questions, there’s still a lot of uncertainty, and just to know Blythe is there, she has your back and she’s always available for a call or an email. No question is a dumb question to Blythe and even if she can’t give you the answer on the day, she’ll find the answer for you”.

Tay & Frankie Winterstein

“Blythe did such a wonderful job of guiding me through the NFP set up process. From assisting with paperwork and the practical elements to empowering a mindset shift that enabled me to embrace a new way of operating that allows my family and others to thrive. Blythe was available swiftly whenever I had questions and is always happy to help as I continue to navigate this new and exciting direction. I highly recommend this fierce and unstoppable woman to anyone wanting to step into the private sector”.

Jane Sawicki