90 Minute Sovereignty Strategy Session

90 Minute Sovereignty Strategy Session

This service is for those who:
  • Are new to the private sector.
  • Require guidance and assistance in navigating the private sector.
  • Want to discover the best structures and solutions for their unique requirements.
  • Need time to discuss their current situation as it has many moving parts/businesses/investments/assets/trusts etc.
  • Want to learn about the private sector as our PDF left you with many questions and you want to gain deeper understanding.
  • Are not sure if the private sector is for you yet but want to discuss your financial status, business affairs or want to learn how this jurisdiction can work for you and your situation.
  • Require advice or a coaching session on a legal matter, you want advice on how to start up a business or NFP/PMA, business/financial affairs or need general support to help shift blockages or misunderstandings.

$700.00 90 minutes


PLEASE NOTE: This 90 minute session is ideal for those who are new to the private sector and NFPs. This time also allows us to cover more complex set-ups with a lot of moving parts. If you are already familiar with the private sector, are confident you can address your queries within 30 minutes and have a simple set-up currently, please book our 30 Minute Strategy Session instead. Upon payment you will receive our comprehensive NFP Manual with information regarding the public and private sector. Please read this before the call and have your questions ready or include them in your questionnaire or an email.


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